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Thursday, January 28, 2010

35 week update

All was very normal at the 35-week checkup. He hasn't dropped into place yet, but should definitely do so soon. His estimated size is about 5 pounds and maybe 17-18 inches. If there was a 1-10 scale for feistiness in the womb, Noah would score an 11. I am predicting he will be a hand full.

Amy has sore, swollen legs and is uncomfortable about every other day. It is hit-and-miss. We had childbirth class last Saturday and will have lactation (breastfeeding) class this next Monday night.

For those wondering, we will be delivering at Harris Methodist Southwest off Bryant Irvin Road in SW Fort Worth.

The church shower for Amy is this Sunday (1/31) from 2-4 pm in the Fellowship Hall for all those who are in the FBC Benbrook family. We are getting to the point where most of the bigger items are taken care of and the need is shifting to diapers, wipes, etc. We are discovering that Pampers Swaddlers are our favorites followed closely by Luvs. I imagine for budgetary reasons we will be going with mostly Luvs!

One of our friends delivered today, another is delivering next week, then another the week after that, then us in four weeks, then three other friends in the early Spring. No, we did not get together and plan this. We just live at the Seminary, where we are second in America only to Babyland General in pumping out new infants.

Another update coming soon!



kevin and mandy said...

Keep in mind that the diaper choice of brand is not up to you, but the baby. Eliana leaked in every diaper except pampers. So even though we had to pay a little more for them, it was better than hand washing her clothes each day. But I've noticed boys do better in Huggies.