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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boomerang Express! VBS!

It was that time of year again! VBS! Our church had a GREAT week this year! I was stationed in the pre-teen group this year and we had a blast! I spent the week doing various things from teaching a lesson on Missions to craft time to snack time. It was my first time really working with this age group (I usally work with a little bit younger kids) and I didn't know how it would go but I LOVED it! The kids were great and I really enjoyed getting to know several of them. It is always such a joy for me to work with children! Anyway I thought you might enjoy some pictures from the week in "Australia" at VBS! ~Amy

Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Time in Fort Worth

June has been a very busy month! Justin has been working away at his many classes he is taking for his Masters and to teach school next year and I am working my normal job, staying busy! We really had a treat this month though because we were able to take a week break and visit with Justin's family and we had a great time! They drove all the way out here from Tallahassee and we didn't waste a minute. We literally went all over the metroplex. We spent time in Dallas, at the zoo, at a baseball game, visted Dinosaur Valley State Park, spent an evening in Sundance Square, and many more activities! It was really neat to spend some time with our little nephew Aiden. He has grown so much since we last saw him and he is actually walking now! He is super cute and such a great little boy! And our niece Dana is turning into a beautiful young woman! We always enjoy spending time with her too:) One of the biggest hits while the family was here was Babe's Chicken Resturant. They liked it so much we had to go twice! Don't know what Babe's is? I guess you'll just have to visit us sometime and find out:) ~Amy