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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pray for Justin

So, Justin has been to Canada and Back. He had a great trip and we hope to post pictures soon. Just wanted to make a quick post for a prayer request. Justin has been having some medical issues the past few weeks and noone knows exactly whats wrong with him. He has been to several Doctors and we are waiting on the Test results now. Please pray for him that we get some answers soon.. Thanks for the prayers. I'll keep everyone posted. Our trip to Tallahassee was cancelled this week. Unfortunately, Justin is not feeling well and medical bills are high so we decided to stay here. It's been extremely hard living away from family and it gets even harder when you can't get home to see them. Anyways, Thanks agian for the prayers!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's already May!

Yesterday, Justin finished his finals for the school year!! He has successfully completed his first year at Seminary!! Yay!! Pray for him as he leaves for Canada tomorrow. He will be there until next Thursday on an Evangelism Practicum. He will be taking a class and evangelizing in the city of Vancouver. As alot of you know, Cananda is not an easy place to share the gospel so pray that the people will have open hearts for the message of Jesus Christ and also pray that he will have a safe trip! As for me, I finished my first school year as World Missions Center Coordinator and wow has it been a year!! Learning my job has been an experience. Summer is quiet around here, so I'm told, so I am excited to use this time to set up events and mission trips for next year. My sister is coming into town tomorrow (I'm dropping Justin off in Terminal D then picking her up in Terminal E) and I am excited to have some "girl time" this weekend. We are going to Six Flags and other various places and I am sure I'll add some pictures when it is all said and done!! Well, that's all for now!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS!! Hope you have a great day!!