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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's May?

Wow, So I posted at the end of March and BAM! It's May already! We have had such a busy month I haven't had time to take many pictures (the picture is from our friends April and Brook's least we got one pic this month!) or write but here is a recap of April! I took my annual trip for work to Richmond the first week in April. I had a great time this year just like last year. Richmond is a beautiful place and staying at the ILC is ALWAYS fun and exciting. While I was gone Justin decided to ride the train in our area from Fort Worth to Dallas. He took his books with him to study and write papers. He actually met a few other students who were doing the same thing! I think he found a new favorite place to work on his studies! The rest of the month consisted of Justin studying and writing papers and me working with students, working events for students and finishing up the semester. It has been CRAZY! But we can breathe now! Justin finished all of his finals and has finished the semester! I have finished the crazy part of the semester at work and I am actually looking forward to a slow summer in the office.

The only sad part of this time of the year is saying good bye to our close friends who are leaving for the field or for ministry. This seems to happen every semester and although we are really sad they will not be around campus anymore, we are so excited to see what the Lord is going to do through them. This semester we are saying goodbye to our good friend Rebekah. We met on our trip to Thailand last year and we have had a blast getting to know her. She is leaving us for the field and we are super excited to see God bless her ministry overseas.

We are looking forward to this month and next because we are going to get some down time, maybe a vacation and visits from our family so we should have some good posts and pictures soon:)

Prayer Request:
My Uncle Tommy has been going through a terrible infection the past three months and has been in the hospital for almost the whole time. He just completed a three day surgery and will be finished today. Please pray for his healing and that the rest of the procedure will go very smoothly.

Thanks so much for reading our blog and keeping up with us:) We really appreciateyou!